The Last three months – have flown by!

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December 7, 2013 by gsterb

Life has been mega busy over the past few months! All has been a bit of a blur!

We started a new triathlon club ‘Stroud Triathlon Club’. We set up a website for the Club ( and now have paid up members, a logo, club coaching and training sessions and members across junior and senior ranks. So not a bad result before the year end.

On a personal note, setting up the Club has been hard work and sometimes energy and time sapping, but I think it will be worth it in the long run and the good thing is that others are gaining benefit form the toil and also having fun getting started or marching on in their triathlon careers, now with a brand new club and new logo on their chests! 😉

My training has continued after a difficult Summer of chest infections, holidays and maybe a bit of taking my eye off the triathlon goal. I signed up for the Cotswold 113 (1/2 IM distance) event on June 15th 2014, which is a lot longer and very different form anything I have ever done before.My objective was and is to make it round and get the job done as bets I can, but I have made some lifestyle changes (again) in order I can give myself the bets of chances to cross the finish line with my head held high.

I am continuing to train with my person trainer to increase my strength base on core, legs and arms. I have also signed up with a Tri Coach using Training Peaks with my training and weekly plans stemming back from 15th June (D-Day, or maybe that should be ‘T-Day’!). So hiow there eis no getting away with anything. There is now more to focus on than ‘just getting out on the bike’, more to focus on than ‘just besting myself hard for a hour or so, as often as I can’. All these things I once thought were useful, are not in my training schedule at the moment.

I have had 5 weeks of preparation and next week we get into Week one of Base (Endurance and Speed). I’m not entirely sure what is involved, but so far I have run further, faster, with more steps, on my forefoot than ever before and I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge so far. I have tried to get to the pool as often as I can, but failed on a few occasions due to work, ill health and other applicable excuses (real excuses, but still excuses nether the less!), so i still need to focus a lot of winter time in the water. The bike training is different and good so far, but with the dark and cold night, a lot has been on a turbo and I have tried to get out on the road as often as I can.

The pursuit of shiny things has continued ! I part exchanged my Cannondale Synapse for a Specialised Tarmac Expert with Di2 last week and I am in love with the new bike. The Synapse was a 56cm, the specialised a 54cm and I believe the C’dale was too big for me and potentially the reason why it was never ‘that comfortable for me’ and why I preferred the Shiv over and above it by a country mile. The Tarmac is lower, more race like, but I love it. The Di2 system is something to behold and a magnificent improvement on the mechanical Ultegra on the Synapse, which was pretty damn good! That’s how blinking good the Ultegra Di2 is……truly the business, beyond comprehension. Yes, it all happens and you don’t need to think about it, like you would on a mechanical gear set, but that’s the point! The battery and wires take the hassle away. So far it is proving to be superb and an investment and swap over I am pleased to have made.

Obviously, the green and white gear used on the green and white Synapse do not look great on the stealth, matt black Specialised (…so said my good lady wife!!!), so she bought me a new Specialised Helmet (S Works Evade) and I am sourcing some new bottle cages to go with the Matt Black effect. I also bought some new Zipp 404 Tubs to go on and I believe my LBS are at this moment gluing the tubes onto the rims…at least this is my hope!

I had another photo shoot form Triathlon Plus Magazine last week. We took to an airfield before dawn, in near freezing conditions and awaited the sun to rise to get some stunning pics. As I get them and as they are published I will post them and post the link, but they are better than the previous session. The article includes two other triathletes and is discussing ‘race weight’ and fitness…something until eh article I thought was only for ‘small and fit people’!  😉

So that has been the past couple of months….busy, busy and a little bit more busy after that!

More to follow


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