HAPPY NEW YEAR…2014, you are here and we are liking you already!

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January 10, 2014 by gsterb

Happy New Year!

So here we are in 2014. The training has picked up a couple of notches so far this year, after the dawn of the year, a couple of drinks and some celebrating getting in the way. This week I am back on track with the periodisation training and I think have cranked in something like 11hrs of training already, with another 3-4hrs if training required and planned for the weekend (it’s Friday today). I am hoping the increase in volume of training will have a big effect of both my body and also my fitness…..to be honest, I probably can’t do a lot more than I am doing at the moment, but I AM truly enjoying it all….it’s all hard work, but the feeling I get after ticking off another ‘good / quality’ session is surprisingly good!

This week I got another airing in Triathlon Plus Magazine February edition (UK version) on a piece about ‘race weight’ and preparing for triathlons. With all the training, to be honest I haven’t read the article yet, but did perouse the bit about me and loved the photo (below)Image

The pic was taken last year, as dawn was breaking, about -1 degrees, on a local airfield. It was a lot of fun, but extremely windy and cold. I really like this picture and hope to print out a copy and put it in a decent frame and get it on the wall.

An inspirational picture in that this time next year I want and need to be fitter, smaller, faster and have completed more races and different distances……..who knows what 2014 has in store, but the first couple of weeks have been solid, more to come!




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