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To those who have taken the time out of their lives to read my posts, I have had a poor run of luck with my bikes in 2012. I am confident (touching wood and keeping my fingers tightly crossed) that those days are now behind me and lady luck is watching over me, keeping me and my bikes safe.

I still have Cedric (my original, bottom tube dented Cannondale Synapse) and use this fella on my turbo trainer, when it’s wet. He is still in good order and has a lifetime ahead of him. I recently added some clip on tri bars which means I can get down and push some power on long straights to cover the miles off more quickly.

I still have the broken carbon Synapse, which is hopefully being mended at the moment. I am hopeful this bike can be brought back to life somehow (watch this space).

I wrangled ,y local bike shop and also Cannondale UK to replace the carbon frame. Apparently it was MY FAULT that the bike they had manufactured had in fact broken whilst I was riding it. We argued for a while and then they offered to ‘Crash Replace’ the frame set, for a mere £400. In May and June, I quite literally heamoraged money  when I visited bike shops, to the point of thinking of chucking the towel in and taking up running instead!!

So the new frame arrived in July and the Ultegra groupset was put on, along with a new saddle. To be honest I like this bike a lot, more than the old carbon/broken frame. The green bits somehow amuse me and give me reassurance:

The new saddle makes a real difference after about 12-14miles to my mental and genital state of mind!

How much is too much? 🙂
I put the bar tape on myself, which was quite cathartic after a hard day in the office

I love the lime green in life now…..Liquigas and Lime all the way! This bike is a thing of beauty and a joy to ride. To date, no issues except a broken spoke as I struggled to clip in on a wet, cold, mud ridden 120km Sportif when I was struggling to keep my mind and body on the job in hand. Silly mistakes happen when you are tired.

I’m not planning on buying anything else for a long time, at least until the weight comes off  me and I need a Triathlon time Trial bike….there are some beauties out there aren’t there?  😉


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