Progress: 6 months

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I have been writing this blog recently, playing catch up if you like.

My desire to regain my fitness started in January 2012 an since then it has become a ‘journey’, in the gym , the pool, on the road and pretty much anywhere I can expend calories and get a sweat up and the weight off.

I have undertaken a specified Personal Training campaign. Twice a week I have been motivated and ‘worked out’ by Jeremy Bingham, who has pushed me when I needed it and also given this old boy some counselling to get me to the next level and goal.

The PT sessions have motivated ‘a mind set change’ in my own mind and life. I took the decision to drop alcohol out of my life, which on occasions had become an issue for me. So for pretty much 6 months solid, booze has been banished from my life, apart from the slip, or glass of red on the occasional Sunday. Drinking fizzy water down the pub has turned a couple of heads and I am sure many doubters will have imagined this ‘gesture’ would be over and done with within a  week or so. So far, the non drunk continium continues !

So far I have had 40 PT sessions, and pretty much enjoyed everyone of them. They are hard hard, but the results are inspirational.

We have worked out on rowing machines, elipticals, treadmills, balls, with boxing gloves, outside, on tram pets, lifting different sorts of weights, on road bikes and in the pool. Everything you could possibly imagine to get the heart rate up and the calories off has been used and I have loved it. It has shown me that with some dedication and effort, I have overcome the fear of pain and the fear of failure in exercise. By pushing myself, often, I have achieved a lot. Far more than if I had slogged away only once and then had weeks of pain, muscle tears and stiffness and an instant dislike for the torture that further exercise could offer me, if only I could be bothered to get off the sofa!

This time my experience has been very different and I have committed myself to the task. I thinking spending the money on a personal trainer also changed my mind set. This really set out my exercise regime as a ‘thing of try value’, which as a man who looks to find value in most things I spend my money on, was a real plus point. It focused my mind as I knew that every session was hitting my wallet and I didn’t want to waste a moment, a penny or either mine or Jeremy’s time.

The ‘return on investment’ has exceeded my expectations, from many different angles.

I have been able to fit into clothes I have not fitted into ever, but which hang been in my wardrobe for years waiting for the slimmer moment I have longed for. I have been measured and re-measured regularly by Jeremy and have lost many, many inches from the entirety of my body.

I have been able to re-find myself with a modicom of fitness and ability. I am able to run, ride and lift weights and complete exercise sessions that 6 months ago I would not have considered possible or feasible, so this in itself is a massive step forward.

From a weight perspective, things have been both fast and slow. With over 4 stone lost, I am happy, but seek more weight off and more lean muscle produced. I have cut out the rubbish in my diet and have tried to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, changing the types and more importantly the amount of food I eat. Using smaller plates, dishing up smaller portions and missing out certain isles in the supermarket have made a recognisable difference to my weight and shape. I have drunk more water than ever before and tried to reduce my booze down to the absolute minimum. I did have a major slipped in 2012 when Wales beat England in the 6 Nations Rugby who I quaffed Guinness in double figures, but there will always be that special occasion in life when you have to let it all out. (This episode has not been repeated and was a lesson learnt that after a skin full of beer, it is very difficult indeed to focus on fitness for a good few days afterwards, which has a direct impact on progress and success – message to myself, “don’t get pissed often!”

So at the end of May 2012, the regime continues as my fitness increases and progresses.

I am now at a stage when I am able to get to grips with most things. I can run, swim, cycle etc., but I am still too big. I have increased and developed a good base fitness which I can now use to push on, knocking those calories out as I exercise and focusing on my diet and what now goes into the body for full.


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