Setting Targets and Focusing

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As I come to the 12 month of my year of change I haven’t really reviewed ‘where I have been and what I have done’ in any great detail. I’ll probably save these musings for the Christmas break when I can pour over my boring stats to my hearts content without needing to be in my office in the day trying to earn a living. I do have a weigh and measure this week with Jeremy my PT, so we should hopefully see some changes for the better.

My focus in the last few weeks has been to stay fit and healthy, avoiding (and failing to do so) the notorious norovirus than lost my 7 kilo in 36 hours (i didn’t mind that part of the experience – the rest was horrific and forgettable!). Now almost back to full strength I have set out to look ahead to 2013 and aiming to continue the health and fitness gains.

I have already paid my money for two early triathlon, one of which is the Gloucester Tri, my first attempt in 2012. I’m hoping for great things and to do better in 2013 than in 2012 for sure. I have a calendar of prospective events over the Spring / Summer / Autumn and I’m excited about them all and most of all, ‘getting amongst it’ in 2013.

I have been asking Nick Kinsey and others for some training advice and how to further stretch myself and my targets in 2013. Nick, over this weekend suggested that I should aim for a Half Marathon, just to experience it and to get the mileage and training into my legs and system. So, like a fool, I paid £20 and signed up for the Forest of Dean 1/2 next year, giving my 15 weeks to train and prepare, to somehow get around the course and take possession of a medal when I complete it. (This time last year I was not able to run around the table chasing my dog for more than 30 seconds and now I’m taking advice and guidance form a 20+ times Ironman on my fitness regime………how my world has changed!)

I have some simple and clears plans and my aim now is to stick to these and see where I get. The fitness is coming on and I am stronger, leaner and fitter today than I have been for at least 15 years, if not more. I’m excited about 2013 and also the changes that will take place. So far there has been no regression backwards. This is sometimes difficult to maintain, but it has been maintained and I hope and aspire to continue this trend.

Later this month I am expecting the magazine article to come out, which should also motivate me further for the year ahead and set a few tongues wagging and faces smiling amongst my friends who have no idea of what I have done this year. I think this really is the ‘end of the starting’ and the start of the next stages of quicker miles, shinier bikes and more slippery in the water… outlook is optimistic !  🙂



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